When is it OK to haggle with wedding suppliers?

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When is it OK to haggle with wedding suppliers?

It’s always OK to at least try and haggle with your suppliers, however you don’t want to seem pushy and offend them before your big day. Keep them on your side and positive to make the big day amazing.

When is it OK to ask for a discount with suppliers?

We all want the best deal to save money when planning a wedding, but really think about the product. For example, a bespoke wedding gown requires hours of time, professional skill and material so there probably isn’t much wiggle room. There are ways that isn’t necessarily asking for a huge discount (and therefore respected) such as asking for free alterations or veil to go with the dress. The worst that could happen is hearing “No”.


If I can’t haggle, should I look elsewhere?

Not necessarily, think about how you can use something more than once, for example, re-use the flowers and candles for the church in the reception venue. You can ask a friend or someone at the venue to take care of this and no one will notice. All ceremony decorations are only required for a short amount of time so you may as well make the most of it.

Other ways to save money can be achieved at home such as making stationery, the favours or decorations and it adds a personal touch. Ultimately it’s about striking the balance of what you’ll enjoy doing yourself and how much time you have. You don’t want to add stress so starting earlier is always better!

Who can you haggle with and who shouldn’t you try it with?

Be respectful. If something is handmade then it might be pricey but it’s their livelihood, but if it’s a bigger company then they’ll mark up things like booking a band or ordering food and drink. Will your guests know the difference between prosecco or champagne? Can you buy larger quantities at cheaper prices and pour them into pretty dispensers? Think about where you can save – it all adds up!

Wedding photography prices can usually be haggled (they will hate me for saying that!) but the big one is venues, there’s always room for movement with bedrooms and venue hire. Research discounts at different times of the year to know whether they may be able to budge and ask if the hotel offers bulk room booking discounts.


How much can you haggle? What discount can you get away with?

It really depends on the supplier but if a middle man is involved, there will always be room for a cheeky 10% off. Also remember that prices differ based on region (suppliers will be more expensive in London), the time of year (summer weddings are very popular) and the amount of time before your wedding – some might want a quick sale if it’s soon, others might charge more to work quickly.

Build relationships with your suppliers as soon as possible, you can build up a good rapport and they’ll be more likely to help ease the stress. Don’t be surprised how much weddings can cost, but always keep in mind questions like ‘Will my guests notice this?’ and ‘Will this be something they remember forever?’. If the answer is yes, you’ll know that it’s worth every penny.

Delivery distance means higher costs but sometimes you won’t be able to find someone closer to your venue so bear this in mind. Suppliers will charge to make it worth their while, especially if it’s more than an hour’s drive.

So in summary…

  • Be respectful
  • Try not to break ties if they say no
  • Think about other ways you can save if a discount isn’t available
  • Bear in mind how something is priced
  • It doesn’t hurt to ask!


Not only do I have the immense pleasure of planning weddings for a living, this year I have been busy organising wedding anniversary celebrations – 40 & 50 years respectively. They really are quite something. At a certain time in our lives, many of us reach a point where we think: “I’ve made it, and now I want to celebrate this moment with my loved one and everyone that has played a vital part in our relationship, every step of the way”.

The love between two people that have been together for 40-50 years is both remarkable and tangible, and the way they choose to celebrate is something very special that I’ve been lucky enough to organise. The styling is kept simple (as there is no need to impress), the wine is as constant as the laughter, the music is soft and beautiful, and the speeches made by family and friends simply express heartfelt gratitude and love. Last month I organised a lunch event for a beautiful couple who had been married for 50 years. Their love was stronger than ever, and they were surrounded by their closest friends and family – all solid, genuine relationships. The whole day was brimming with laughter, joyful nostalgia, and plenty of happy tears!

As I chatted to my client (who was thrilled with the day’s outcome), he described feeling overwhelmed that he and his wife still enjoyed so much support after all these years. We discussed how different this is to many of today’s more transient friendships: I am now 26 and have such great friends, but it made me wonder who might celebrate with me 40 years from now. This lucky gentleman also explained how everyone at his event were such solid friends as they had been through it all together –  no need to create drama, no need to impress, no need to manufacture the perfect shot for Instagram. In short, no need for being anything but your true self. The conversations I had with the guests are conversations I could only have had with people that have lived life, and experienced all that it has to offer – together. 

After such events, I can only hope to be lucky enough to share the next 40 years with my partner and still feel as happy as I do now – what a wonderful thought!

It’s times like this I love my job!


Throwback Thursday!

This time last week Josh Tully Management had the great pleasure of organising the launch of Jo Emerson’s debut book – ‘Flying for beginners’

The great and good of Bath turned out in their finery to support Jo at The Huntsman in Bath; the Host spent the night laughing and beaming with joy. Her lovely daughters ran the bookshop which was a huge success! Ed Haddon then interviewed Jo where she discussed the book and was open to questions from her guests. The whole evening was honest and fun!

We are a huge supporter of Jo Emerson ( so please head to Amazon and buy her book- it’s an excellent read!

Click here- to view the promo video captured by the brilliant Paolo (