Not only do I have the immense pleasure of planning weddings for a living, this year I have been busy organising wedding anniversary celebrations – 40 & 50 years respectively. They really are quite something. At a certain time in our lives, many of us reach a point where we think: “I’ve made it, and now I want to celebrate this moment with my loved one and everyone that has played a vital part in our relationship, every step of the way”.

The love between two people that have been together for 40-50 years is both remarkable and tangible, and the way they choose to celebrate is something very special that I’ve been lucky enough to organise. The styling is kept simple (as there is no need to impress), the wine is as constant as the laughter, the music is soft and beautiful, and the speeches made by family and friends simply express heartfelt gratitude and love. Last month I organised a lunch event for a beautiful couple who had been married for 50 years. Their love was stronger than ever, and they were surrounded by their closest friends and family – all solid, genuine relationships. The whole day was brimming with laughter, joyful nostalgia, and plenty of happy tears!

As I chatted to my client (who was thrilled with the day’s outcome), he described feeling overwhelmed that he and his wife still enjoyed so much support after all these years. We discussed how different this is to many of today’s more transient friendships: I am now 26 and have such great friends, but it made me wonder who might celebrate with me 40 years from now. This lucky gentleman also explained how everyone at his event were such solid friends as they had been through it all together –  no need to create drama, no need to impress, no need to manufacture the perfect shot for Instagram. In short, no need for being anything but your true self. The conversations I had with the guests are conversations I could only have had with people that have lived life, and experienced all that it has to offer – together. 

After such events, I can only hope to be lucky enough to share the next 40 years with my partner and still feel as happy as I do now – what a wonderful thought!

It’s times like this I love my job!

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