Step into Christmas: where to go & what to do in Bath


This is my favourite time of year in Bath – it was during this season that I made the decision to move here. With so much going on, catering to all ages and tastes, it can be tricky to experience the best that Bath has to offer within your hectic schedule.

To help, here are some of my favourite activities to do over the festive period:

Bath Christmas Market – 24
th November – 11th December

It’s such fun to wander amongst the beautiful chalets with the abbey as a backdrop – it doesn’t get much better.

Top Tip – Avoid visiting on the weekends, instead head there in the week and post-5pm.


Bath Christmas Markets

Carols on the Circus – Friday 16th December

One of my favourite things to do – hundreds of people stand around the Circus singing Christmas carols. You can buy mulled wine to feel festive and keep warm. There is a brass band and choir to guide everyone. It’s a very special evening and, better still, it’s all for charity, so take some change!

Top Tip – Take a torch or candle for reading the song sheets.

Bath On Ice – 18th November – 3rd January

I love ice-skating. I also seem to think I’m good at it, which is not the case! This is such a great evening out with friends -you can eat pizza, drink champagne and ice-skate – what’s not to love?!

Top Tip – Book in advance, also the Trashy Fries are a must


Bath On Ice

The Apre Ski Bar at The Abbey Hotel – 24th November – 8th January

A fab place for meeting friends and having a good night. It’s so cosy inside, but also sitting outside with the fur blankets and heaters is also a personal favourite.

Top Tip – You have to try the hot chocolate with Disaronno.


The Apre Ski Bar at The Abbey Hotel

Secret Top Tip!

New to Bath this year is ‘Embrace at Brissi’ – the stunning space on Milsom Street is opening their terrace up for a very simple but effective offering of hot drinks, glamorous winter cosiness and an escape from the madness that is Christmas in Bath. It’s a space where people can meet with friends, sit comfortably on their own, or use as a private event space.

Think Brissi, winter glamour, great coffee – and you have ‘Embrace’.

I’m sure I will see you at one of the many venues or events across the city this Christmas – enjoy!

Best wishes,





Not only do I have the immense pleasure of planning weddings for a living, this year I have been busy organising wedding anniversary celebrations – 40 & 50 years respectively. They really are quite something. At a certain time in our lives, many of us reach a point where we think: “I’ve made it, and now I want to celebrate this moment with my loved one and everyone that has played a vital part in our relationship, every step of the way”.

The love between two people that have been together for 40-50 years is both remarkable and tangible, and the way they choose to celebrate is something very special that I’ve been lucky enough to organise. The styling is kept simple (as there is no need to impress), the wine is as constant as the laughter, the music is soft and beautiful, and the speeches made by family and friends simply express heartfelt gratitude and love. Last month I organised a lunch event for a beautiful couple who had been married for 50 years. Their love was stronger than ever, and they were surrounded by their closest friends and family – all solid, genuine relationships. The whole day was brimming with laughter, joyful nostalgia, and plenty of happy tears!

As I chatted to my client (who was thrilled with the day’s outcome), he described feeling overwhelmed that he and his wife still enjoyed so much support after all these years. We discussed how different this is to many of today’s more transient friendships: I am now 26 and have such great friends, but it made me wonder who might celebrate with me 40 years from now. This lucky gentleman also explained how everyone at his event were such solid friends as they had been through it all together –  no need to create drama, no need to impress, no need to manufacture the perfect shot for Instagram. In short, no need for being anything but your true self. The conversations I had with the guests are conversations I could only have had with people that have lived life, and experienced all that it has to offer – together. 

After such events, I can only hope to be lucky enough to share the next 40 years with my partner and still feel as happy as I do now – what a wonderful thought!

It’s times like this I love my job!


What a fantastic summer we have had at JT Management. We had the pleasure of working with some amazing people. The summer started with the launch of Freedog, Bristol, an Urban Activity Centre opening in Temple Meads after the hugely successful opening of Swindon, We were asked to be involved with everything from organising the opening night to promoting the brand. The launch party was such fun- there were about 250 people, 80% of which were kids, essentially organised chaos. Kids were running between the trampoline park, parkour area and trick zone. We had some amazing performances by OK Worldwide, and Angels Dance Academy. We ensured there was a great mix of people on the guest list, even the mayor of Bristol showed up to have a bounce! A hectic but truly successful launch!

Freedog Event Management

Freedog Launch Party Event

Photography by Paolo Ferla: www.ferlapaolo.com

We then turned our attention to our biggest event of the year so far, and it was such good fun! We started working with a lovely couple at the beginning of the year; they wanted to throw a huge party for all their friends and family to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. The guest list started at 250 people, over the months this kept growing, and then one day the client called me and said ‘I have something to tell you, please don’t hate me but I think the numbers are more likely to be 500!’ I took a deep breath and calmly responded ‘No problem at all’. We set straight to work on doubling the quantities from the teaspoons to the prosecco. The whole process was such a joy as the couple were so excited by every concept we took them through, they requested that we organise Russian coassack dancers on horseback- so we did exactly that! The event took place in July, outside and with expectations of a gorgeous sunny day. However, typical England it poured for 48 hours pre-event which led to all sorts of nightmares as we had set up marquees in the field which were slowly flooding – the venue started to look like Glastonbury! It was the morning of the event, and I have to say I was extremely nervous about whether it was going to stay dry. The guests started to arrive across the lawns in their hundreds and were met with glasses of bubbly, the sounds of the jazz band in the background and to everyone’s joy the most beautiful blue sky! One of the guests remarked ‘I had no doubt regarding the weather as the sun will always shine on the righteous’. Contrary to the forecast that day was one of the summer’s hottest, beautiful days and the guests danced outside well into the night.




To finish off a great summer, much to my excitement, I was asked to orchestrate a wedding in Cornwall. It was truly beautiful. In keeping with all my summer events so far, there had been a storm the night before, and even the local farmer had said it was going to rain on the day but the sun shone, and the guests were treated to the most amazing sunset melting into the sea behind the tipis. They started with a blessing on the beach, where the guests ran into the sea following the bride, and then they came back to Roscarrock perched on a hill overlooking the sea. There were balloons, cocktails made by Cecil (a vintage ice cream van), fire pits, acoustic music and then just when the guests thought they were done a pizza oven in a van arrived! The whole experience was fantastic, family and friends were there to celebrate two lovely people, kids everywhere and nothing but laughter throughout the day!




Throwback Thursday!

This time last week Josh Tully Management had the great pleasure of organising the launch of Jo Emerson’s debut book – ‘Flying for beginners’


The great and good of Bath turned out in their finery to support Jo at The Huntsman in Bath; the Host spent the night laughing and beaming with joy. Her lovely daughters ran the bookshop which was a huge success! Ed Haddon then interviewed Jo where she discussed the book and was open to questions from her guests. The whole evening was honest and fun!

We are a huge supporter of Jo Emerson (http://jo-emerson.com) so please head to Amazon and buy her book- it’s an excellent read!

Click here- https://vimeo.com/184517155 to view the promo video captured by the brilliant Paolo (http://www.ferlapaolo.com)